Maboshe Memorial Centre Microfinance Housing Loans (MMCMHL) is an initiative of Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) to raise funds and building materials to construct low cost 3 or 4 bed roomed low cost houses to housing the mostly vulnerable caregiver who takes care of disabled, orphans and vulnerable girls who can't afford a good comfortably house and lives below poverty levels, the project builds low costing houses units at loan on behalf of the mostly vulnerable families who take care or with disabled, orphans and vulnerable girls.

The Maboshe Memorial Centre Microfinance Housing Loans (MMCMHL)'s community housing project provides building materials and labour works to build the house units for the most vulnerable families using local materials to construct good comfortably sleeping houses.

The Microfinance Housing Loan's community housing project will provide substantial mud huts with a concrete floor for the most vulnerable families using local materials to construct comfortably houses sleep up to four people.

The MMC noticeable problems spotted when walking around the villages and communities in Western, Zambia despite having an abundance of land many people are living in over crowded conditions. This is due to the fact that these villages and communities are too poor to build new homes and too many are living in one house, especially families taking in orphans due to the pandemic of HIV/AIDS in Western, Zambia. During the rainy season inadequate thatching can cause leaking roofs and the cold winter nights of June through August keeping warm is very difficult if the house is not maintained. A traditional mud hut construction can be built for a family by using local builders.

We hope to build homes for the mostly vulnerable families with disabled, orphans and vulnerable girls. We hope to work with senior headman to select the most deserving cases. All houses will be given to the mostly vulnerable families living in dilapidated conditions and having to look after their grandchildren who have been orphaned through HIV/AIDS in Western, Zambia.

Accommodation, in remote communities of Western, Zambia is primitive. A mud-hut dwelling for most, three huts for the more prosperous families - one a sleeping quarter for men, the other for women and young children and one for the kitchen. Sadly there are thousands of vulnerable families who have no income to repair or build new homes. The thatching, which should be done every five years, becomes neglected causing leaks during the rainy season, holes appear creating drafts in the winter months when the temperatures drop to below 4 degrees.

Winter in Western, Zambia is between June to August, although the daytime temperatures can reach up to 25 degrees the nights can drop below 4 degrees. For many this is a very difficult time, with no money to repair thatched a roof, no mattress, no blanket nor warm clothes the cold nights can be unbearable. For old people with a number of ailments, sufferers of TB and HIV/AIDS in Zambia and new born babies it can be life-threatening. I have come across a number of people who are still sleeping with no shelter, open to the elements and snakes.

Traditionally every rural Zambian homestead should have 3 houses; sleeping quarters for both the males and the females and a kitchen. However, many of the vulnerable families have only one roomed house and as many as six people sleeping in it!

Grasses are free to gather but it is hard to believe that the poor cannot even afford money to have their roofs re thatched. We hope to build new homes for the needy, particularly widows and children. These will be slightly larger than the norm and will have concrete floors more suitable during the rainy season than the ones with sand bases. MMC hopes to build a new house which will accommodate at least four people comfortably. If you would like to take part contribute to our Microfinance Housing Loans or even care 'to build a home' for a family you can contact us by email or make an donation.

We are appealing for everyone to donate, the cost of one less pint of beer on a Saturday night! All the money will be used for the project, no deductions will be made. The result - secure, spacious and comfortable accommodation for a vulnerable family, which will last for many years.

Microfinance Housing Loans is a project for Western, Zambia: - covering the following districts such as Mongu, Senanga, Kalabo, Kaoma, Lukulu, Shangombo, Sesheke, Mulobezi, Sikongo and Nalolo Districts.

You our sponsor shall be given an opportunity to visit Microfinance Housing Loans in Western, Zambia and provide your life skills and any other type of support. To join click here "Microfinance Housing Loans"for your support. And remember if you like our site and want to share it with your friends, share our page and tell your friends about us!

Please state the purpose of your donation, name of a person & project number you are sponsoring and select & donate a special homeless person who will know your name, write to you & feel your tender love, care & prayer - by picking the name child & number sponsor.

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