Namakau Mukelabai Child Disabled Learning Centre is a special learning centre  established under the Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) to serve the growing number of disabled children from the communities of Western, Zambia. By June 2016 the centre started with a total 50 out of the 4,950 disabled children from poverty stricken families attending the school. Volunteers have come forward from the communities to teach and manage the centre which rents space in an old farm building. The trustees fight a constant battle to find resources to support teachers' allowances, rent payments, examination fees and teaching materials.

The centre has proved it can rise to the task of supporting the children of its community and now wants to take the next step to be recognized by the authorities (Zambian Government). This Plan sets out our strategy to achieve more recognition. The school has been blessed with wonderful local donors and supporters, which have helped us, survive. Now we want to live!

Namakau Mukelabai Child Disabled Learning Centre embarks on fundraising awareness on the construction of the learning centre for 7 years and 18 years disabled children from poverty stricken families through the provision of quality education that will enable them to acquire long life skills and live independently with dignity in the future and enable them to go to school by giving them shoes, uniforms, books, pens, school fees, meals, shelter, transport, medical care etc in Western province - Zambia through Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC).

Many disabled children have been and continue to be traumatized by the loss of their parents. In Western province - Zambia, it's the order of the day to find grandparents surrounded by a fleet of grandchildren, families headed by adolescents, dying adults being nursed by their children and children scattered among relatives.


Our monthly gift ensures that a child receives food, clothing, and school education, emotional and spiritual care that he/she requires in order to grow up as independent caring adults. In turn, you will be provided with our annual updates and bi-annual communication from your sponsored child. This information will allow you to better pray for their needs more specifically. We encourage our sponsors to have Christmas visits to our school and interact with child's shows your personal interest in their well-being.

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